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Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that teaches citizens how to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. Neighborhood Watch groups typically focus on observation and awareness as a means of preventing crime and employ strategies that range from simply promoting social interaction and "watching out for each other.“

Neighborhood Watch bring community members together to establish control of their neighborhoods, promotes an increased quality of life and reduces the crime rate in that area. Collective action by residents has proved one of the most effective strategies.

The reason for this effectiveness is rather simple: Involving community members in watch programs decreases opportunities for criminals to commit crime rather than attempting to change their behavior or motivation.

Today's Neighborhood Watch Program is an effective means of crime control and neighborhood cohesiveness. While not all of the programs in place today go by the same name, they all accomplish the same goal: to bring community members together to fight crime.

Please Join Us!

Neighborhood Watch Co-Chairpersons: Linda Mallach
Kathy Simone

• Block Captains Wanted

• We are seeking volunteers  to serve on our Neighborhood Watch Committee. 

• Your time investment will be minimal but your contribution “Priceless”.
  • The position only requires keeping an eye on the neighborhood  and  reporting any suspicious activity to the proper authority.

If you are interested in helping  to protect our community  and your investment please contact our Neighborhood Watch Chair.

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